Posted on the 2nd February 2021
Written by Patrice

Watch The Download 2020-21 Kick-off edition

FIRST Tech Challenge UK is kicking off this season from 11-29 Jan 2021 with three flexible weeks for teams to share, connect and inspire each other as they get to grips with the Ultimate Goal. During Kick-off month your team can take part in anything from picking team roles to homing in on a game strategy. No pressure though, you can dip in and out at your own leisure.

In this session we introduce the challenge, clarify game rules, and talk about what it takes to develop a top ranking game strategy.



Links to resources mentioned

Ultimate Goal game reveal walkthrough

Makerspace: Kick-off checklist

Form: Request a mentor

Rev Robotics: Updating the Control Hub Operating System

Blog: Dom’s strategy tips

Rev Kickoff Concepts: Game Strategy Guide 

Project Manager Mission: ‘Herding cats’

Strategy Officer Mission: ‘Find your strategy’

Communications Officer Mission: ‘Build your brand’

Media Coordinator Mission: ‘Let’s get social’


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