FIRST Tech Challenge UK - qualifying tournaments page teams - header image
FIRST Tech Challenge UK - qualifying tournaments page teams - header image

Hey team, let the games begin!

Here’s everything you need today, some fun activities and the place to submit info

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About the survey – a letter for Team Leads

Events info

Event schedule

  • Arrival – 08:15
  • Check-in and housekeeping – Team zone
  • Surveys – Team Pits
  • Judging – Judging zone
  • Robot and field inspections – Inspection sone
  • Welcome address – Main stage
  • Driver meeting – Competition zone
  • Queues begin – Competition zone
  • Qualification matches – Competition zone
  • Lunch
  • Alliance selection – Competition zone
  • Elimination and final matches – Competition zone
  • Award and closing ceremony – Main stage
  • Depart – 17:25

Teams list


Team org UK # Global # Team Name
Aldersley High School 29 21119 Sustainable Danger
Aston University Engineering Academy 126 21011 Bostin Dynamics
Bishop Perowne C of E College 105 24716 MCA2023
Bishop Perowne C of E College 242 24717 TEAM MBO
Hardenhuish School 569 25180 Team 23
John Masefield High School 515 23662
Mary Webb School and Science College 537 24967 Wider Horizons
Perton Middle School 63 18889 Team Snap Wire
Robocode 559 25141 Robocode
SGS Berkeley Green UTC 384 20992 Berkeley Robotics
The Hart School 567 25029 Robotic Hart
Lewis Girls’ School 507 25059 Xbot
Greenhill School 130 19265
Greenhill School 576 25419


Alliance selection explainer

Here’s a handy guide to get your head around the alliance selection process, which determines the teams who will progress to the elimination matches.

The number of teams in the elimination matches depends on how many are at your qualifier, four alliances will progress:

  • 21 or more competing teams = three teams per alliance
  • 20 or less competing teams = two teams per alliance

The four alliances will take part in a ladder-style competition to decide the overall winning alliance.

The alliance selection process

Each team chooses a team member to represent them during the alliance selection in the competition area. The team representative can bring a scouting document and communicate with other teammates to support their choices.

The top four ranked teams are called to the floor first.

The highest-ranked team is the first Alliance Captain. They are the first to invite a team to join their alliance. The invited team can choose to accept or decline the invitation.

If a team invites another alliance captain team and they accept the invitation, the teams ranked beneath them move up one spot and the 5th ranked team will become an alliance captain.

A team has the option to join an alliance if they are not already part of an alliance or have not already declined an alliance invitation.

If a team accepts the invitation, they become part of that alliance.
If a team declines, the alliance captain from the inviting team must extend an invitation to another team.

If a team declines, they CANNOT be invited to another alliance, but they can continue to invite teams to their own alliance if they become an alliance captain.

Where an event has 21 or more teams, the same method is used for each alliance captain’s second-choice team.

The selection process continues until all four alliance captains and alliance partners have been appointed.

All unappointed teams will not progress to the elimination matches but may still win judged awards so stick around for the award ceremony.

Good luck!

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Nominate your heroes

Gracious Professionalism nominations

Is there a team member or team you couldn’t have completed this challenge without? Or maybe a Mentor, Team Lead, volunteer or supporter who’s just been an all-around legend? Nominate someone who you think should be recognised for their ‘can do’ attitude and willingness to help others.

Submit a Gracious Professionalism nomination with a message sharing why they’re awesome. Yours may be read on stage as the award ceremony begins.

Compass Award nominations

We’re introducing the Compass Award, an opportunity for team members to recognise the outstanding guidance they’ve received this season from a Team Lead, Mentor or Game Changer volunteer who has gone the extra mile and deserves more than a pat on the back.

Nominate your hero below or in Makerspace by 25 April and the winner will be announced at the national champs in June.

Fun social missions

Take part in fun social media challenges throughout the day. Your team could be featured in our social media highlights and official photo album! Pass these missions to your Media Coordinator or tackle them together as a team.

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Channel your inner creator and snap trending moments to make our official events photo album! From robot matches to team huddles and pit designs, get ready to test your creative lens and show qualifiers are More Than Robots! Share your captures on socials using #CaptureTheExcitement,
#MoreThanRobotsUK and tagging @ftc_uk!


While you’re busy collabing and sharing strategies with your alliance partners, snap an appreciation group photo, with a few words about each other’s strengths and favourite moments using #AllianceAppreciation,
#MoreThanRobotsUK and tagging @ftc_uk.


Decorate your team’s pit area and post your transformations on social media using the hashtags #PitMakeover,
#MoreThanRobotsUK and tagging @ftc_uk. The most impressive pit will earn a special shoutout.


Flaunt your designed merch and accessories that show off your team’s style on and off the field! Give kudos to the designers in your team and share your look using #AwesomeApparel,
#MoreThanRobotsUK and tagging @ftc_uk.


Share your team’s journey. Reflect on how taking part in the challenge has impacted your team members’ interests and career aspirations. Inspire us with your personal growth, skills, or memorable moments. Use #STEMStories,
#MoreThanRobotsUK and @ftc_uk.

Confirm your spot for next season

We’ve ditched the long form. When completing your Team Lead feedback, tell us if you want to keep your place in the programme for next season and we’ll reserve it for you! If you’re not sure you’ll be back, just hit “not sure” and we’ll catch up when the time’s right.

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