Posted on the 17th December 2020
Written by Patrice

Let’s get kick-off readyyy!

Teams, it’s time to launch! Suit up with the tools you need to jumpstart the season during Kick-off Month, Monday 11 – Friday 29 January 2021.

While many of you are remote learning, we know it’s not the best start to the school term or season, but like true FIRST Tech Challenge UK teams, we’ll find ways to rise to the challenge! We have three weeks of light touch activities you can get involved in at home, such as missions and opportunities to showcase your team and connect with others. Kick-off Month was previously a Kick-off Week, however, due to school closures we’re extending activities so you have the flexibility to dip in when you can. All activities below have now been updated since first being published.

There’s a lot to get stuck into, so depending on where your team is at, decide on which activities below you’d like to prioritise.


Kick-off intro

Watch our kick-off intro vlog where we introduce the challenge, clarify game rules, and talk about what it takes to develop a top-ranking game strategy.


Tooling for the future

Get to grips with our educational tools you can access online.


Make sure you can access Makerspace
We sent your Team Lead your Makerspace login details. Use this to access our exclusive season content and live webinars. If you’ve forgotten your password, reset it here. If you can’t find your login details email


Follow the Engineering Notebook tutorials
Dive into the Engineering Notebook section in Makerspace and follow the tutorials to get to grips with the new online engineering notebooks.


Complete your team bios
Once you’re familiar with the engineering notebook, complete the Team Bios tutorial to introduce your team to the rest of the UK community.


Building the ultimate team


Pick your team roles
Take a look at the Team roles doc in Makerspace and decide how you will allocate roles within your team. Each team member can take on multiple roles, however, make sure responsibilities are spread evenly. If this isn’t your first time taking part, switch things up and learn new skills in a new role.


Plan your team building activities
Kick-off Month is a chance to have fun and get to know your teammates. Take a look at the suggested activities in the Creating your team section in Makerspace or come up with your own. Watch the game reveal video to learn about ‘Ultimate Goal’ this season’s challenge.


Get an industry mentor
Mentors are industry whizzes who can guide you throughout the season while elevating your skills and knowledge. Sign up for a mentor now so we can find you one asap:

Connecting with social media


Create your team’s social media account
If your team has permission from your school/youth group, create an account on Instagram and Twitter to connect with other teams from the UK and beyond. Include your team name, team number and school/youth group name in your bio. Make sure your Team Lead has access to your account, then follow us @ftc_uk and say hi so we can follow you back. Complete the Media Coordinator Mission on Makerspace to set up your socials and connect with the community.


Publish a kick-off post
Introduce your team to the FIRST UK community! Always include #MoreThanRobotsUK in your social media posts — using the hashtag allows UK teams, mentors and our wider community to follow your progress. When you post using the hashtag, you’ll also pop up on our Makerspace social media wall. if you’re already active, reintroduce yourself to new teams.


Follow other teams
We have a list of UK teams in the Building Connections section in Makerspace. Browse the list and follow those who weren’t on your radar. You’ll have a stronger support network when you’re better connected.


Nominate your team to take over HQ’s socials
Think your Media Coordinator or Communications Officer has what it takes to run our HQ social media platforms? Great! Show us what you’re made of and flaunt those expert social skills. Apply for a spot now (requires approval from your Team Lead).


Follow @ftc_uk to engage in kick-off activities across our socials

While we were originally planning social competitions this kick-off, we’re postponing these to make them available to all teams later this season. Instead, keep an eye on our Instagram and Twitter accounts for regular posts, tips, highlights and quickfire challenges.

That’s it for now! Check the blog regularly for updates. You can also find this list as a handy checklist on Makerspace.

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