Posted on the 28th June 2019
Written by Patrice

Beat the FIRST robot maze blindfolded

We’re on a road trip exhibiting at local Big Bang Fairs near you.

Think your school could drive a robot blindfolded? We’re challenging young people in pairs to drive a mini-bot through our mystery maze blindfolded – the fastest teams win prizes!

Meet bot-blasting teams who conquered FIRST Tech Challenge last season – an epic opportunity to design, build and programme a robot to compete against teams in the UK and beyond. If you’ll be there, pop over and find out how you could become the next STEM innovators.

Come and meet our bot-blasting teams from last season and learn how your school could take on FIRST Tech Challenge UK.

You can find us at:

Tue 2 July 2019 in Liverpool at The Big Bang Fair North West

Thu 4 Jul 2019 in Newham at The Big Bang Fair London East

Fri 12 Jul 2019 in Sutton at The Big Bang Fair London South

Want to be nosey?

Follow the action on Twitter and learn more about our robotics programme for ages 12-18.

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