Call for Delivery Partners

Help us reach, acquire, onboard and support schools and youth organisations to participate in the world’s largest student robotics challenge.

More than a delivery partner

We’re looking for brilliant STEM outreach organisations to help us target and support young people aged 12 to 18 to participate in FIRST Tech Challenge UK.

Delivery partners will be integral in ensuring our programme reaches those who will benefit from it most and providing an impactful, rewarding experience.

In helping to deliver FIRST Tech Challenge UK, you will:

  • Acquire new schools to participate
  • Onboard teachers and mentors to the programme
  • Support local event delivery

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“The most rewarding moment has been seeing the passion, enthusiasm and energy from the students. They’ve engaged in the task, adapted to overcome and really put their heart and soul into the competition. It’s been breathtaking.”

Rob Leeman, Education Solutions Manager, Arm

What will a Delivery Partner get involved in?


Mar – Jul

Partners promote the bursary-funded programme to local schools and youth organisations – using our targeting framework and assets to obtain buy-in from school leadership, securing at least 24 participating organisations.


Jun – Dec

With our CPD model, Partners will host an onboarding day for teachers and mentors in their region – introducing key resources and content – to increase confidence in facilitation and build a sense of community within their hub.


Jan – Apr

Using our ‘event in a box’ model and events budget, Partners will deliver an informal local meet up and regional tournament for teams. They will also help recruit volunteers from local businesses to power these events.

Making co-delivery efficient

We have an extensive suite of assets, refined operating model and all the tools required to empower you to achieve your objectives effectively.

We’re looking for truly collaborative, partnerships which we can improve, grow and sustain. the process to helping build More Than Robots is, like us, straightforward:

• Jump on an expression of interest video call for 30 mins by Fri 23 Dec

• Submit proposal no later than Fri 27 Jan

• Feedback and appointments Fri 03 Feb

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Partner brief

The Request for Proposals contains a background of FIRST UK, what we’re looking for and the process.

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Scope of work

The scope of work articulates what you’ll be doing, what we’ll be doing, by when, and what good looks like.

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Delivery partners are integral to our 3-year strategy, targeting those who will benefit most from our provision.

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  • We build More Than Robots

    We use robots, role models and competitions to make STEM less intimidating, more diverse and inclusive, empowering young people to make informed choices about their future.